Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wedding Announcement of Bishop Noel and First Lady Lina Skye Jones

May 15, 2009


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Wedding Announcement of The Honorable Bishop Noel Jones and First Lady Lina Jones - Pastors of The City Of Refuge -

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Wedding Announcement of The Honorable Bishop Noel Jones and First Lady Lina Jones -Pastors of The City of Refuge.

May 7, 2009
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Wedding Announcement Of The Honorable Bishop Noel Norman Jones and First Lady Lina Jones

A Blessed Celebration........
The Honorable Bishop Noel Norman Jones of Spanish Town, Jamaica - Pastor of The City Of Refuge, Gardena, California - wishes to share his happiness in the selection of His bride and upcoming formal wedding ceremony. Although married for the past two years, after prayerful consideration Bishop Jones felt lead of the Lord to share His well guarded secret. Because of security measures the Bishop has kept his nuptials guarded in quiet concern to prepare His bride, and First Lady for her immense responsibilities. Although First Lady Lina Jones has been raised in the Pentecostal - Holiness church, grooming to share in such a vast vision and people needed additional prayerful training and preparation.
Bishop Jones formally announces his marriage to Dr. Lina Lee-Skye Rhodes, a beauty that hails from the small farming community of Versailles, Missouri located in the Ozarks. They were secretly wed in a quiet elopement ceremony in 2007 in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Lina "Skye" Jones is held in great respect for her work in social justice, and for her impact in breaking down racial barriers in Versailles. She is known as a bridge that brought fellowship to her community.
The Honorable Bishop Jones meet his wife Lina Jones in June 1979 in Colorado. The service was held in an old house with only six persons in attendance. A little known evangelist at that time, The Honorable Bishop Noel Jones preached as if there were thousands in attendance. The First Lady was impressed with the fact that the evangelist would gain no monetary rewards, yet preached the gospel triumphantly sowing into the kingdom the future of the thousands that would come. It would be 27 years later , February 2006 before they would see each other again at the Potter's House where the First Lady was a member and the Bishop was a surprise guest speaker.

Bishop Jones's wife, Lina Jones holds two Honorary Doctorates from Aspen Christian College for Ministry and Gospel Music. Her hit single "Open up your Heart Let Jesus In", is still a requested song, recorded with the House of Joy Miracle Deliverance Choir of Denver, Colorado in 1986. The Late Apostle Reuben Beechum was her Pastor.

Dr. Lina Jones is a former powerhouse motivational speaker and Founder of Voice of the Trumpet Production Ministries. A forerunner champion for Woman in Ministry her radio talk show had humble beginnings, streaming from the campus of Lincoln University in 1989. The late Dr. Richard Klepac opened a small door of opportunity that four years later would embrace a steady listening audience of 50, 000 plus faithful listeners, holding forth as one of the first radio mega churches in America.

Bishop Jones's wife is a respected visual and vocal performing artist. Dr. Jones is currently attending LATTC majoring in Fashion Design/ Psychology, a future student of USC University fall semester 2010, with combined studies in genetic research at UCLA.

The formal ceremony will be officiated by long time friend of Bishop Jones and former Pastor of the First Lady Lina Jones, Highly Esteemed Bishop T.D Jakes - Pastor of The Potter's House - Dallas, Texas. A Hillel fellowship Rabbi will also officiate in a dual ceremony, in celebration of Dr. Lina Jones's Jewish heritage taught to her by her grandmother, Perlina Redmond. The ceremony is planned for December 24, 2010 - the First Lady's 55th birthday. The beautiful St. Vincent Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California will graciously host an evening candlelight ceremony which will be the ambience for this loving historical moment. A Jazz reception will be hosted following the ceremony at USC University.

In The Loving Service of Christ JESUS
The Honorable Bishop Noel and First Lady Lina Jones